The Flexclamp


The Flexclamp
* Versatile
* No Tools Needed
* Will Not Rust
* Easy to Use
* Durable
* Reusable
* Thousands of Uses

The Flexclamp is a unique new fastener which will secure objects of almost any shape or size. It has endless uses in the outdoors, maintenance, manufacturing, shipping, and the office.
This new clamp provides an easy, reliable fixing without the need for tools and is re-usable. The Flexclamp will hold objects between 1/2" and 4" diameter. If you require a larger clasp simply connect two or more together.

Technical Specification
Maximum Tightening Force: 220 lbs.
Breaking Strain: 220 lbs.
Temperature Range: -20°C to +100°C

Keep one or two Flexclamps handy for those unexpected fastening jobs.

Recommended in Annie Getchells book "The Essential Outdoor Gear Manual"

Family Handyman Magazine - Sept 2001

"This little doodad is part band clamp, part twist tie and part Bungee cord. The Flexclamp can temporarily or permanently clamp, squeeze or hold objects 1/2 to 4 in. in diameter. A small knurled nut "screws" and tightens the clamp as it works its way up the legs of the strap. It has a tensile strength of 200 lbs., won't rust and is compact. It's great for clamping round objects, strapping stuff to your bike or boat, and making emergency plumbing repairs. You can join several together for larger objects too."

Blue Water Sailing – Mar. 2001

“Realizing the drawbacks of traditional zip-strip type fasteners, which can only be used once, and metal clamps that require a screwdriver and corrode over time, Seven North Industries, Inc. has stepped up with the Flexclamp, the new re-usable plastic cincher that tightens and loosens by hand without tools.”

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A few Flexclamp applications


Manufacturing: Home:

Gluing wood or ceramics
Temporary vice
Temporary pipe repairs
Temporary jigs
Tool holders
HVAC ducting
Guttering repairs

Mending washing machines,dishwashers and vacuum cleaners
Securing loose lagging
Plumbing emergencies
Opening jar tops
Storing objects on garage roof or attic

Gardening: Automotive: Outdoor:


Hose clip for tap fixing and nozzles
Tree and plant tie
Repair for tools, garden and furniture, etc.
Securing tops of canes in pea and bean pyramids
Fence repairs
Pipes and guttering to greenhouses


Radiator hose repair
Cable tie
Securing luggage or loose equipment
Emergency securing
Attaching fishing rods to roof-racks or bicycles

Securing equipment to backpack or tent poles
Fixing oars or paddles for transport
Temporary oarlock
Holding sea lights, anchors, steering chains, etc.
Many uses in the boat